Gaydos Announces Funding to Benefit Residents of the 44th District
HARRISBURG – Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) today announced that communities in the 44th Legislative District in Allegheny County will receive nearly $137,000 in Marcellus Shale impact fees.

“The natural gas industry is a large part of the Pennsylvania economy and continues to create jobs and increase local revenue,” said Gaydos. “The funding can be used in a variety of ways that improve our quality of life, including water system upgrades, clean air and road repairs.”

The following impact fee disbursements in the 44th District were announced:

• Aleppo Township - $685.
• Bell Acres Borough - $1,111.
• Crescent Township – 1,224.
• Edgeworth Borough - $1,013.
• Findlay Township - $109,289.
• Glen Osborne Borough - $343.
• Glenfield Borough - $56.
• Haysville Borough - $20.
• Leet Township - $704.
• Leetsdale Borough - $762.
• Moon Township - $11,381.
• North Fayette Township - $7,078.
• Sewickley Borough - $1,876.
• Sewickley Heights Borough - $621.
• Sewickley Hills Borough - $327.

Allegheny County will receive more than $1.4 million in funding.

Under Act 13 of 2012, impact fees are collected from the drilling companies with 60% returned to counties and municipalities affected by drilling. The rest of the money goes into a Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund, a portion of which is provided to counties. The remaining funds are used by the state for emergency response planning, training and other activities; water, storm water, and sewer system construction and repair; infrastructure maintenance and repair; as well as statewide environmental initiatives.

Checks to municipalities are expected to be distributed in early July.

Representative Valerie Gaydos
44th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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