Aug. 04, 2023

HARRISBURG – The state Senate returned to session on Thursday to sign the General Appropriations bill, which is the primary piece of the state’s 2023-24 budget. The bill was then sent to Gov. Josh Shapiro, who signed it into law. Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) issued the following statement:
“Enacting the budget bill into law will provide the necessary funding to schools, counties and organizations. That’s the good news. However, without accompanying code bills, which direct how these dollars should be spent, the government will still not be able to spend at least $1.1 billion on programs and grants, including education and aid for poorer school districts until further legislative action is taken. 

“It is disappointing to see Gov. Shapiro turn his back on struggling students and their families by specifically eliminating from the budget $100 million for lifeline scholarships, which would help students in the state’s lowest-performing schools.
“The 2023-24 state budget process is far from over. I will work hard for you, the taxpayers, to finalize important budget-related bills and ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely and transparently.”

Representative Valerie Gaydos
44th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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