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Please do not reply to this e-mail, as I am unable to respond to messages sent to this address. You can contact me directly at vgaydos@pahousegop.com or here.
During the coronavirus pandemic, many students and their families have had to transition to hybrid or fully online learning. People in nursing homes and long-term care facilities have had little opportunity to visit with their loved ones. Countless businesses have closed their doors forever and a half million jobs have been lost.

Pennsylvanians have been living under the COVID-19 disaster emergency declaration and subsequent mitigation orders for more than a year.

Recognizing the serious impacts of the decisions made during the pandemic, I voted to give you a voice in how the state handles future disaster emergency declarations in the form of two proposed constitutional amendments that will appear on Tuesday’s (May 18) primary elections.

Please take the time to learn more about the questions and make your voice heard. Click on the video I prepared below to watch my comments.

Click here or on photo above to view video.

Remember, all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, are eligible to vote on these questions.

Valerie Gaydos
Additional Ballot Questions: Declaration of Rights, First Responder Funding

In addition to the proposed constitutional amendments regarding emergency declarations, voters will also have the opportunity to weigh in on two additional questions at the ballot box on May 18.

To read the full text of the questions as they will appear on the ballot, click here.
Gaydos Reports State Grants Awarded for Pittsburgh International Airport

Here is some good news to share! PennDOT will invest $10 million in state grant funds benefitting 12 Pennsylvania airports.

Pittsburgh International Airport will receive $2.4 million for continued commercial air cargo facility development, including air cargo buildings, aircraft and vehicular access and parking.

As of April 2021 Pennsylvania, ranks 16th in the country in the number of public-use aviation facilities. with 124 airports, heliports, and seaplane bases. Funded through PennDOT's Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, the new investments will infuse new state investments to expand aviation-related operational and economic opportunities statewide.
Gaydos Working to Strengthen Job Market, Better Our Economy

This week, Rep. Gaydos introduced legislation to support advanced manufacturing technologies by incentivizing investments in equipment, infrastructure and retention of top-tier talent.

Fostering innovation is a way that our Commonwealth can advance a stronger, brighter and better economy.

House Bill 1388
creates incentives through two avenues:
  •   Creating grants for equipment to be used in an advanced manufacturing project.
  •   Allowing for state-administered low-interest loans for the purchasing, construction, rehabilitation and retrofitting of facilities for advanced manufacturing infrastructure.

The bill would encourage advanced manufacturing facilities and infrastructures to engage in business partnerships with state-related institutions; establish the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative Fund and the Advanced Manufacturing Venture Loan Program; and impose powers and duties on the Department of Community and Economic Development and the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority.

Pennsylvania’s state-related institutions of higher education are well positioned to collaborate with high-technology industries in the development of advanced manufacturing processes. Incentivizing this collaboration will spur job creation and help ensure Pennsylvania is sought out as a global leader in scientific advances in manufacturing techniques.

House Bill 1388 is with the House Commerce Committee for consideration.
Gaydos Introduces Bill to Support Tactical EMS Providers

Marking National EMS Week from May 16-20, Rep. Gaydos has introduced legislation that would better support the work of tactical emergency medical services (EMS) providers.

As a former Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Gaydos is fully aware that these EMS personnel are highly trained ‘tactical’ paramedics that dedicate their time to assist in tactical law enforcement incidents such as active shooting incidents, hostage situations, high-risk warrant service and barricaded individuals.

House Bill 1331 would add tactical EMS providers to the definitions under Title 75 of the Vehicle Code to include a certified tactical EMS provider who is affiliated with and directly supports a county or regional municipal Special Emergency Response Team of a Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team. The inclusion of these emergency responders in the definitions will allow tactical EMS providers to use emergency vehicle lights that deliver added safety while providing for the ability to rapidly respond to an incident in progress.

The legislation is now with the House Transportation Committee for consideration.
Wolf Announces Capacity Increase for Indoor, Outdoor Events and Gatherings

The Wolf administration announced earlier this week that event and gathering maximum occupancy limits will be increased to 50% for indoor events and gatherings and 75% for outdoor events and gatherings effective Monday, May 17.

They define an event or gathering as a temporary grouping of individuals for defined purposes, that takes place over a limited timeframe, such as hours or days. For example, events and gatherings include fairs, festivals, concerts or shows and groupings that occur within larger, more permanent businesses, such as shows or performances within amusements parks, individual showings of movies on a single screen/auditorium within a multiplex, business meetings or conferences, or each party or reception within a multiroom venue.

The announcement goes on to say face coverings are still to be worn indoors and outdoors if you are away from your home. In accordance with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, fully vaccinated Pennsylvanians are not required to wear a mask during certain activities. The current order requiring Pennsylvanians to wear masks will be lifted when 70% of Pennsylvanians age 18 and older are fully vaccinated.

The administration previously announced all capacity restrictions would be lifted effective Monday, May 31.
Gaydos Supports Investigation of Administration’s Failure to Advertise Key Ballot Question

Rep. Gaydos and her House colleagues are taking action on the Department of State’s failure to properly advertise a proposed constitutional amendment providing a two-year civil window for child sex abuse survivors to sue their alleged abusers. The proposed amendment should have been on the May 18 primary election ballot, but the department’s error means a vote on the issue is delayed for at least two more years.

House Resolution 91 will create a Select Committee on the Publication of Constitutional Amendments that will complete a study of how constitutional amendments in the Commonwealth are advertised.

The select committee, made up of the majority and minority chairs of the House State Government Committee and three other members of the House of Representatives, at least one of which is from the minority party, will hold hearings, gather testimony and issue a report with recommendations.

The study is necessary as more than three months have passed since the failure to advertise was discovered and neither the General Assembly nor the public have been given any further information about how this egregious error occurred.
Election Hearings Report Issued

The House State Government Committee has released a report on its months-long series of hearings examining Pennsylvania’s election process and the Commonwealth’s 84-year-old election law.

The goal of the hearings was to take an extensive look at the election process, educate the public about the process, identify flaws and receive input on how to fix the problems. Throughout the 10 election hearings, which ran from January through April, the committee received testimony from more than 50 election experts and local and state election officials, including officials from other states.

The systemic problems identified led many voters to distrust election results, and we need to restore that trust. This comprehensive report will help guide policy decisions aimed at ensuring both the accessibility and security of the state’s elections. In other words, we want to make sure it’s easy to vote, but hard to cheat.

Read the report here.
Assistance Available to Bars, Restaurants

Restaurants, bars and other food establishments that suffered operational losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown orders may be eligible for funding from the U.S. Small Business Administration through the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Businesses are eligible for up to $10 million and no more than $5 million per physical location. Recipients are not required to repay the funding as long as the money is used for eligible purposes no later than March 11, 2023.

The program was established under the federal American Rescue Plan. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted. Learn more here.
Gaydos Votes Yes, House Passes Legislation to Prevent Misuse of Dedicated Dollars

Legislation that would support the integrity of Pennsylvania’s banking system, passed the House recently and is now in the hands of the state Senate.

House Bill 859 references the Banking Fund, which holds semi-annual assessments that are paid by Pennsylvania’s state-chartered banks and credit unions, to finance the regulation of the industry. In recent years, more than $40 million from the fund has been transferred for use in balancing operating budgets for state agencies.

The changes made by this legislation would work to keep our banking industry regulated appropriately without taxpayer dollars, while allowing the institutions to remain good community partners.
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