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State Budget Highlights
Dear Friends of the 44th House Legislative District,

Last week the state house voted 140-62 in favor of a $33.997 billion state budget proposal which will continue to grow our state’s economy, educate our students and help create new jobs. I supported this year’s budget because I believe it is a step in the right direction to living within our means.

Taking part in the state budget process for the first time as a state representative, my priorities were to hold government accountable, promote fiscal responsibility and strengthen our Commonwealth's business climate. I believe this budget matches those priorities and moves the state in the right direction.

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This wasn’t a perfect budget but overall, we were able to stay within our boundaries and not raise taxes.

I am really pleased to give you the highlight of this year’s budget below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 412-262-3780.


Valerie Gaydos  
Key Highlights from This Year’s State Budget

Saving for the Future and Living Within Our Means

An important part of this budget was saving money and growing our state’s Rainy Day Fund. Thanks to smart budgeting, this budget took an historic step by committing 100% of the General Fund balance at the end of June 2019, which is estimated to be about $317 million (We have already seen the growth of this savings in the last 10 days!), and transferring it into our state’s primary “savings account.” While I think we need to keep saving for rainy days, and continue to work toward living within our means, I believe this is a good start and I hope to see this trend continue into our future.

The state’s Rainy Day Account will be used when the economy hits a downturn and revenue collections are weak. When times are good, we want to take advantage and save money for possible future times of need.

Educating for Success

Education funding in this state budget is the highest in Pennsylvania’s history. This budget proposal commits an additional $432 million to preK through 12th-grade education. As a member of the House Education Committee, I believe these investments empower Pennsylvanians to educate for success and create better opportunities for family-sustaining careers for every resident of the Commonwealth.

In the 44th district, every public school district will receive an increase:

    • Avonworth School District: $201,646 or
    • Moon Area School District: $654,853 or
    • Quaker Valley School District: $278,809 or
    • West Allegheny School District: $466,453 or

Higher education institutions will also benefit from this budget with an across-the-board 2% increase in funding for community colleges, state-related universities (Penn State, Pitt, Temple and Lincoln) and the State System of Higher Education.

School Safety

This budget authorizes a second year of school and community security grants with a $60 million investment.

Human Services

This budget adds an increase of $26.3 million for mental health services, which includes funds to provide home and community-based services for those currently living in state hospitals.

Police and Protection

State police will see an increase of funding by $97 million, and an additional $9.7 million for three new classes of cadets.


Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s No. 1 industry and this budget makes a big investment in agriculture. In this budget, ag programs will receive $19.5 million more, or a 12.8% increase.

Workforce Development

Building on the bipartisan efforts that passed the career and technical education legislative package through the House, this budget includes an increase of $10 million to fund workforce development and job training initiatives, which is broken down as follows:

    • Increasing funding for Career and Technical Education by from $92 million to $99 million.
    • Increasing funding for Career and Technical Education Equipment Grants by from $2.5 million to $5.5 million.

No Inheritance Tax for Children

Importantly, as part of the budget package, the inheritance tax for transfers of property from parents to children under the age of 21 is being reduced from 4.5% to 0%. This is commonsense policy. No young child who lost their parents should be taxed with an inheritance tax. I was happy to support the legislation to eliminate this. 
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