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The Latest News from Your State Representative
Please do not reply to this e-mail, as I am unable to respond to messages sent to this address. You can contact me directly at vgaydos@pahousegop.com or here.
Pennsylvania’s budget requires discipline that continues to move the Commonwealth toward a path of economic recovery, stability and success, not a budget that saddles our families, senior citizens and future generations with more debt and obligations.

Gov. Josh Shapiro offered his first budget proposal to the General Assembly last week. The governor presented a nearly $46 billion spending plan that would increase state spending by about 6%.

Here are my thoughts:

There are many worthy proposals in the budget plan, such as providing tax breaks to students, teachers, first responders and senior citizens. However, we need to find the money to pay for it, especially when we are facing a structural deficit.

Fortunately, the proposed budget would not create any new taxes. But it does shift some tax burdens from one segment of society to another. This must be examined in greater detail to ensure this budget doesn’t just simply “take from Peter to pay Paul.”

The governor proposes to increase funding for education across the board and expand the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program to allow additional residents to qualify for much-needed assistance.

The governor stated during his address that “we should not have to choose between protecting the environment and jobs – we can do both!” I wholeheartedly agree with the governor’s statement. We can and will protect the environment and we can and will maintain our workforce.

This budget proposal is just a proposal. The next few weeks of budget hearings will help flesh out the details. To be successful in crafting a fiscally responsible budget for all citizens of the Commonwealth we must open the lines of communication between the House and Senate and across party lines.

I look forward to working with the House Appropriations Committee, my colleagues and the governor to ensure a budget is passed that will prove to be beneficial to all Pennsylvanians.

More information on Shapiro’s 2023-24 proposal is available at www.pahousegop.com.  


Valerie Gaydos

My 2022-23 Committee Assignments

I am pleased to announce I have been appointed to continue to serve as a member of the Liquor Control Committee for the 2023-24 Legislative Session and retain my position as secretary of the committee.

I am also honored to have been selected to serve on the House Government Oversight Committee.

The Liquor Control Committee is responsible for issues relating to the administration of alcoholic beverage licenses and the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

The aim of the House Government Committee is to provide better legislative oversight on how tax dollars are spent and how state agencies operate. The committee mirrors the House Committee on Oversight and Reform in the U.S. Congress. The nine-member committee investigates matters referred to by the speaker, majority leader or minority leader.

In addition to these two committees, I will also retain my position as the House Republican representative to the America250PA Commission, a board of directors member of Team Pennsylvania Foundation and a member of the Small Business Council to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. I also will continue to serve on both the House Life Sciences and Cybersecurity caucuses as a co-chair, and a member of the House Cancer Caucus. 
Legislation to Combat Fraud, Wasteful Spending

During a recent press conference at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, I joined my colleagues to introduce a package of bills aimed at reducing fraud within state government, specifically when it comes to Medicaid.

To prevent improper payments within state programs, I will reintroduce legislation which mirrors the Federal Improper Payment law. It would require agencies to review their programs and expenditures and assess whether they are highly, moderately or unlikely to be susceptible to an improper payment.

With Medicaid, like everything else, we expect our state agencies to operate competently and in the best interest of the taxpayer. This legislation would ensure those agencies are safeguarded against interruptions to patient service that result from improper payments and ensure those most in need get the services they should.

Click on the link to watch my comments on the bill.  
Update on Train Derailment in East Palestine, Ohio

I want to provide you with the latest information relative to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. This week, I participated in a briefing that included the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency; Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Debra Bogan, who served as Allegheny County health director; and Beaver County and Darlington Township officials to provide state and federal officials the latest updates.

This week, Gov. Josh Shapiro has secured an initial commitment from Norfolk Southern to pay millions for damages to Pennsylvania and its residents resulting from the incident that impacted many people from Beaver and Lawrence counties.

Pennsylvania American Water has reported there are no concerns for air or water quality for residents near the derailment site.

The information phone number has changed. The new number is 866-361-0526. The line is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The hotline will help provide various services, including guidance for accessing ongoing air-monitoring and water sampling, as well as information about scheduling cleaning services.

In addition, Acting Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry announced a hotline has been established to accept complaints from individuals who might be experiencing a lasting impact from the train derailment.

The phone number is 724-858-4689, and the email is derailment@attorneygeneral.gov. I will continue to provide updates as I receive them.

With the railroad traversing through many of the communities along the river in the 44th Legislative District, we are acutely aware of our own potential vulnerabilities. We are speaking with our community leaders to ensure proper procedures are being followed by the railroad when moving through our communities and ensuring our emergency preparedness procedures are in place.
Improving PA’s Economic Climate

During a rally at the Capitol in Harrisburg, Americans for Prosperity recognized elected officials for their work to improve Pennsylvania's economic climate.

I was proud to receive the "Personal Option Champion" award for my commitment to change state law to enable small businesses to be able to obtain more affordable health care. I was recognized for my business experience and my passion to reform regulations that strangle economic growth and unnecessarily increase the size of government.

Americans for Prosperity believes every person has a unique set of gifts and the ability to contribute to society in their own way. The organization also engages in outreach to advocate for long-term solutions to the country’s biggest problems.
State Funding to Area Businesses

It was my pleasure to join Sen. Devlin Robinson in presenting $1.5 million in Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant funding to Moon Marketplace. They will use these funds for the enhancement of Diamond Ridge, including walking trails, sports courts and a social space.

I also joined Sen. Robinson in presenting $500,000 to Imperial Land Corporation in Findlay Township. The funds will be used for Findlay Industrial Park Lots O and P. The project is a 400-plus acre site with immediate access to PA 576 at the Westport Interchange. The scope of the project will include site work, roadway improvements, stormwater management and utility extensions.

The Quaker Valley Recreation Association will receive a $500,000 RACP grant. They will use the funding for the Bell Acres Recreation Park Development plan. The project includes construction of a high-performance turf soccer/lacrosse field, bathroom and concessions construction, playground construction, and infrastructure development for parking and utilities.

These are proud communities in the 44th District with reputations of being vibrant and attractive places to live, work, play and visit. This funding is needed to continue to attract businesses and people to be major parts of our communities.
Moon Jazz Bands Entertains at Capitol

Last week in Harrisburg, I joined Sen. Devlin Robinson in welcoming the Moon Area High School Jazz Band. March is Music in Our Schools Month, so the band gave people a treat by performing a medley of songs.

We also gave the students a tour of our beautiful Capitol and had a nice discussion about history, government and good music.

Thank you for stopping by! Your talents are unmatched. I wish you the best of luck in the future.
Hunting with the Pennsylvania Flyers Association

Recently, I was hosted by the Pennsylvania Flyers Association (PAFA), a group of shooting enthusiasts committed to the promotion and protection of bird shooting for future generations. I spent my time with Chris Ramsey, legislative director for Sen. Lisa Baker; Rachael Ramsey, Chris’ wife; Tyler Thompson, guide; and Tyler’s Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Stubbs. 

We learned about sportsmen and women and conservation issues. In addition, we participated in pheasant and chukar hunting, a sport historically rooted in our Pennsylvania and American heritage.

Click here to view the recipe.  

I opted to roast the chukar on the grill with lemon, pepper, garlic and thyme.
Happy 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to the Sewickley Valley Historical Society on its 50th anniversary. I was invited to attend along with so many outstanding people in our community. I was able to talk to Ivan Hoffman, council member of Edgeworth Borough; Bob Patterson, president of the Sewickley Community Center; and more.

The Sewickley Herald – Tribune review wrote a nice article about the 50th anniversary celebration. Click here to read more.

The Sewickley Valley Historical Society promotes interest in and to record, collect, preserve and document the history of the Sewickley Valley.
Smash Those Spotted Lanternfly Eggs!

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is reminding all of us to do our part to combat the spread of the invasive spotted lanternfly.

Destroy those egg masses before the weather warms up for good and eggs hatch. Please note: Egg masses need to be smashed or permanently submerged in rubbing alcohol to kill them. Eggs that have been scraped on to the ground can still hatch, so it is important to follow proper egg removal instructions, which are demonstrated here. Officials suggest power-washing equipment and vehicles, inspecting the undercarriages of vehicles and inspecting other hard surfaces such as patio furniture, grills or play equipment.

More information about this invasive species is available here.
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